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Our Communities

The Josemaria project is located in the northwest corner of Iglesia, which covers more than 19,000km2.

Approximately 250km to the south of the Josemaria Project is the community of Rodeo where Josemaria is proud to have offices. The population of Rodeo is approximately 3000 people. In the 50km to the north, there are communities in Angualasto, Colangüil and Malimán, and the well-known place of El Chinguillo.

The main office of Josemaria is in the east of Rodeo, in Colola, and the neighbouring communities are Tudcum, Pismanta, Las Flores, Villa Iglesia and Bella Vista, as well as Bauchaceta, Guañizuil and Tocota, among others.

Outside of Iglesia, the nearest community is in Jáchal, which exceed 20,000 inhabitants.

And to the south, before the city of San Juan (about 410km from Josemaria), is Albardón with its communities.