Member of the LundinGroup


Alfredo Vitaller

General Manager

Alfredo Vitaller

Mr. Vitaller has worked in the international mining industry since 1993 and has managed exploration programs in different countries in South America and Europe. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and an Master of Science degree from the Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada, Reno.
He has been involved with Lundin Group since 1993 and currently serves as General Manager of Argentina for Josemaría Resources Inc.

He previously served as General Manager of South America, Regional Manager, and Head of Exploration for several exploration companies within the Group. He was a member of the discovery team for the Veladero gold deposit in Argentina. He also participated in the exploration teams associated with the discovery of Josemaría and Filo del Sol (Argentina) and Los Helados (Chile).

In 2014 to 2015 he was part of the engineering team that prepared the PEA and Pre-Feasibility studies for the Constellation project (Josemaría and Los Helados joined the development).

Since 2015, Mr. Vitaller has served on the board of directors of the Argentinian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, CAEM (Argentinian Chamber of Mining Companies) and GEMERA (Chamber of Exploration).

Fernando Richard

Management Coordinator

Fernando Richard

Mr. Richard graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Geological Sciences from Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 2004. Since then, and until 2012, he has worked as an Exploration Geologist of metalliferous minerals in Argentina, Chile and Peru. During 2012 and until 2018 he held positions of Senior Chief Project Geologist in Argentina and Chile, performing technical and operational tasks.

He has been a member of the exploration teams responsible for the discoveries of Josemaría (Argentina), Filo del Sol (Argentina and Chile) and Los Helados (Chile).

He was Project Manager at Los Helados (Chile) from 2014 to 2015, during the preparation for the Pre-Feasibility studies of the Constellation Project (Josemaría and Los Helados).

During 2019 and 2020 he held the position of Management Coordinator of Argentina for Josemaría Resources, Filo Mining and NGEx Minerals.

He currently works as a Management Coordinator at Josemaría Resources.

Julieta Battaleme

Manager, Administration and Finance

Julieta Battaleme

Ms. Battaleme is a CPA in Argentina. She has completed numerous postgraduate studies, including a Diploma in Mining Management from Universidad Austral and holds an MBA. She has worked in the mining industry since 2002.

Prior to joining Josemaría Resources, Ms. Battaleme was Controller and Accounting & Finance Manager of Minera Exar, a subsidiary of Lithium Americas Corp. in Argentina. In that role, she played a key role in the pilot plant test operation for the production of lithium and potassium carbonate by the South Korean company POSCO and later in the partial sale of the company's shareholding to SQM of Chile. Between 2010-2017 she was part of the team that prepared the PEA, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility studies for the Cauchari project.

Previously, she worked as Controller at Latin American Minerals, a Canadian junior company with operations in Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia.

She joined Lundin Group in May 2019 and currently serves as Manager of Administration and Finance.

Verónica Cunto

Manager, Community Relations

Verónica Cunto

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology Ms. Cunto has more than 17 years of experience in the mining industry, holding management positions in the areas of community, sustainability and human resources, and has also advised different companies in the extractive sector for over a decade. She began her relationship with the Lundin Group in 2013 as a consultant for projects in Argentina and Chile. She has acted as Manager of Community Relations in Josemaría since 2019.

She is an expert in the development of rural and Indigenous communities while complying with international standards for the extractive industry, and conflict management in areas of non-renewable resource exploitation. She is a social risk analyst for mining investment. Ms. Cunto is a specialist in local economic development and rural development.

She has also participated in numerous socio-environmental impact reports, social risk analysis for the industry, creation of social management plans, and citizen participation processes, all in major mining projects for Argentina and others for Chile.

María Gabriela Novoa

Director, Legal

María Gabriela Novoa

Dr. María Gabriela Novoa graduated with honours from the School of Law and Social Sciences at the National University of Córdoba. She has received several awards, special mentions and distinctions for her academic performance.  

A lawyer with over 27 years of experience in the mining industry, she has held various managerial roles and served as an in-house lawyer and external counsel to several major mining companies. She was part of the Lundin Group's legal team for the Veladero mine; as well as external advisor to the Gualcamayo mine and numerous advanced exploitation projects in the provinces of San Juan, Catamarca and Neuquén, among others.

Dr. Novoa has an outstanding career in academia, lecturing in universities in the province of San Juan (Argentina), focusing on Mining and Commercial Law.
She also served as Secretary of the Mining Chamber of the province of San Juan (Argentina). She is co-author of the book: "Manual de Derecho Minero" (Mining Law Manual), first printed in 1998. 

Currently, she is the Legal Director of the Josemaría project, Deprominsa, for the Josemaría Resources Inc. group.

Ivan Grgic

Head, Institutional Relations

Ivan Grgic

Mr. Ivan Grgic has a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication. He joined Josemaría's team as Head of Institutional Relations and Communications in August of 2019.

At the time he joined Josemaría Resources, Mr. Grgic was the Manager of the Mining Chamber of San Juan and Executive Secretary of the Industrial Union of San Juan. He worked in the field of company associations since 2013, after having worked at Vale for the Antofalla Project in Catamarca, and at Potasio Río Colorado with focus on sustainability at Bahía Blanca.

Prior to his degree in Social Communication, Mr. Grgic obtained diplomas in Sustainable Territorial Development and Human Resources Management, along with a technical degree in Organizational Communication, and studies in CSR, biblical theology and philosophy.

Fernando Cola

Superintendent, Environment

Fernando Cola

Mr. Fernando Cola got his diploma as a Natural Resources Engineer from Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral.

He has held senior environmental superintendent positions in multinational companies such as Goldcorp Inc. and Newmont Corporation for the past 8 years.

Previously, he served for 6 years as Director of Environment for the Secretary of State for the Environment of the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina.

He joined the Lundin Group in January 2020 as Environmental Superintendent for the Josemaría project.

Pablo Delgado

Manager, Administration San Juan

Pablo Delgado

Mr. Pablo Delgado holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Universidad Nacional de San Juan in Argentina. He also has completed undergraduate studies in Accounting in Argentina. He has worked in the mining industry since 2004, first working in the Lundin Group's Desarrollo de Prospectos Mineros S.A. (Deprominsa).

Prior to joining Josemaría Resources, Mr. Delgado was Head of Logistics, Inventory and Protocol at Compañía Minera Nevada S.P.A., a subsidiary in Chile of Barrick Latam, a unit of Barrick Gold Corp. In this role, he played a fundamental role in the administration of contracts, supplies and the coordination of tasks in regards to the construction and the first stages of operation of the Pascua project.

Prior to that, he was Head of Inventories and Supplies at Barrick Exploraciones Argentina S.A., subsidiary in Argentina of Barrick Latam, a unit of Barrick Gold Corp, for the Lama project.

He joined Grupo Lundin in October 2018 and currently serves as Manager of Administration San Juan.

Gustavo Bufaliza

Manager, Human Resources

Gustavo Bufaliza

Gustavo Bufaliza has a degree in Human Relations. He has worked in the mining industry since 2006. Prior to joining Josemaría Resources, he was Human Resources Manager at Yamana Gold playing a role in the implementation of HR policies, programs and systems in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, as well as in the overall management of the area's processes in the regional offices, new projects and the exploration team.  

Prior to that, he started at Gualcamayo where he worked during its construction and subsequent operation and then joined the regional team of Yamana Gold Argentina supporting the operations and projects in the country (Gualcamayo, Cerro Moro, Minera Agua Rica, Suyai and Orion del Sur). 

He joined Josemaría in September 2021 and currently works as Human Resources Manager. 

Carolina Laumann

Coordinator, Communications

Carolina Laumann

Carolina Laumann has a degree in English Linguistics from Universidad Nacional de San Juan in Argentina. She has postgraduate studies and specializations in business administration and economics, internal communication management, executive leadership programs, agile methodologies, cultural transformation, and change management, among others (Universidad Católica de Cuyo, Universidad Austral - IAE, Universidad de San Andrés, Universidad Católica Argentina). Since 2003 she has worked in the mining industry in companies with world-class deposits (Barrick, Xstrata Copper, Glencore, Sibelco), and was responsible for the communication strategy, both within the organization and externally, towards various external audiences and key stakeholders.