Member of the LundinGroup

Why Josemaria Resources?

At Josemaria Resources, we incorporate the best responsible mining international practices into our work. Josemaria Resources is considered a strategic project for Argentina and is one of the largest, ready for development copper-gold projects in the world.

Our Philosophy

Working Safely, Environmental Stewardship and Respect are the fundamental principles that guide our daily actions. Josemaria could be the first large-scale copper-gold mine in San Juan, Argentina, and consequently, we have an opportunity and are committed to laying the groundwork for best practice in responsible mineral development.

We are Josemaria Resources, one team with a common goal: Haciendo que el future cobre vida / Together we make the future come to life

Our people

We have an exceptionally talented team whose passion, knowledge and skills are paramount for the attainment of our planned objectives.

We attract the best talent to a developing sector, promote learning and provide a unique and challenging experience as the Josemaria Project moves forward.

Our commitment

To work in a safe, respectful, positive and dynamic environment that fosters open and ongoing communication.

We prioritize the hiring of local labor in order to benefit our host communities and generate shared value, and encourage our contractors to do the same.