Member of the LundinGroup

We are a Lundin Group company

Josemaria Resources is part of the Lundin Group of Companies, a portfolio of individually managed publicly traded companies comprised of top-tier natural resources projects with a long history of success in creating stakeholder value.

Lundin companies produce a variety of commodities in over 20 countries worldwide, but all are unified by a singular viewpoint: creating long-term value for all stakeholders. Josemaria Resources shares the benefits of the Lundin Group’s expertise, evaluation, guidance and funding capabilities.

Lundin Group has a track record of creating shareholder value at scale. The Josemaria Project, like other Lundin Group assets at exploration and development stage, possesses the required investment attributes of high-quality and meaningful size.

Our Principles

What sets Lundin Group companies apart from many others in the resource industry is our belief that long-term growth is best achieved through shared community values. Our primary goal is always to build lasting relationships with our employees, the immediate community and all levels of government. When we invest, we do so for the long term. With a firm recognition of our environmental responsibility.

Lundin Group companies like Josemaria build projects on a foundation of Resource Governance, Education and Skills Training, Local Procurement, Economic Diversification as well as Social and Environmental Innovation.

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