Member of the LundinGroup


Environmental Commitment

  • We apply a precautionary principle by using suitable planning, impact assessment, and monitoring tools.
  • We design projects to avoid, minimize, mitigate and, if necessary, offset adverse environmental impacts.
  • We incorporate water and energy efficiency in project design, implementation and continuous improvement.
  • We conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services in the regions hosting our projects.

Social Commitment

  • We prioritize the health and safety of employees, contractors and local communities.
  • We respect the human rights of employees, contractors, local communities and indigenous people.
  • We engage and consult with our key stakeholders as we design and develop our projects.
  • We pursue collaboration and shared-value generation opportunities.

Governance Commitment

  • We conduct ourselves with integrity, transparency and honesty and are accountable to our stakeholders.
  • We meet or exceed the legal requirements where we operate.
  • We follow good international industry practices and recognized sustainability standards.
  • We implement risk management systems commensurate with the development stages of our projects.

To support the implementation of these commitments, we will:

  • Align with international best practices, including the Equator Principles, the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability, Canada's Towards Sustainable Mining Initiative, and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.
  • Optimize economic benefits for local communities, working with the Lundin Foundation to build the capacity of the local workforce for employment opportunities and to develop and diversify local businesses.
  • Seek out opportunities to collaborate with credible third parties on addressing material environmental issues associated with high Andean projects.
  • Evaluate design options that can use green energy, and minimize emissions and other environmental impacts, in line with the World Bank’s Climate-Smart Mining approach.
  • Implement a proactive, systematic, two-way approach to communications and stakeholder engagement.
  • Deploy programs and mechanisms to facilitate company efforts to respect the rights of our workforce and stakeholders and to keep them safe and healthy in the area of influence of the site.

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